Gift Ideas for Game of Thrones Fans

Christmas is coming! If you are looking for a gift ideas for a Game of Thrones fan then we have you covered in this guide to some of the best GOT products available online.

With Season 7 now over its a along wait until the next season is released so any lover of the show will appreciate a Game of Thrones gift to fill the void.

You are going to see a wide range of quality products in this article so you have plenty of choices for your Game of Thrones fan.

Game Of Thrones Board Games

To start off with we are going to look at some of the Game of Thrones board games that are available on the market. The great thing about board games is that everyone can get involved and they don’t necessarily need to be Game of Thrones fans to enjoy playing.

Game of Thrones Monopoly

You are likely to already know the game Monopoly, where the winner is the player who has accumulated the most money and property during the game.

The Game of Thrones edition is a collectors edition that has been customized to appeal to fans. Instead of the usual tokens to use to get around the board like the original boat, hat, car and so on you have tokens such as a dire wolf, a dragon egg and a 3 eyed raven there are 6 tokens in all.

Though the game is themed towards the TV show it isn’t that dissimilar to the original version of monopoly. It is a fairly long game but there is a speed version you can play, it is also for 2-6 players.

Reading reviews online pretty much any board game player or GOT game loved playing it. The main complaint seemed to be that every one wanted to play with the ‘Direwolf’ token! Lots of users were given it as a gift and were thrilled with it.

Risk: Game of Thrones Board Game

Risk is another game that has been around for a long time [since the 1950’s] and is known by many. This strategy and diplomacy based game fits nicely into the world of Westeros.

This game box is really aesthetically appealing and a Game of Thrones fan will be thrilled to see the package once they have unwrapped the gift. The game can be played with 2-7 players and there are lots of different scenarios to be played out.

Many users who had played Risk before commented that it was a much better game than the original and didn’t have the lengthy game play that was a flaw of the old game.

A Game of Thrones: The Board Game

While many people might have played Monopoly or Risk before ang could easily understand the game play involved this one is for the more serious board gamer. Don’t let this put you off those as there are detailed rules and an online video to show you how to play. It will take some dedication to play but once you do you are likely to be hooked.

If a Game of Thrones lover does get hooked on the game it has plenty of expansion packs as well, so you have them covered for future gifts for Birthdays or other special occasions.

The board game is based on the George R.R. Martin novels and is for 3-6 players and plays out like the novels with battles and conniving political moves to become the overall ruler of Westeros.

The main downside to the game is that it is fairly time consuming to learn all the rules and you will need to have 3 players who are ready to commit to doing so. YouTube is a great resource as watching the game being played out visually is a lot easier than learning from the PDF supplied and there are a lot of videos online.

All these games can be improved upon by adding a little atmosphere – play the Game of Thrones soundtrack in the background and fill up some flagons with mead or wine. Who will you be tonight Daenerys Targaryen Mother of Dragons or Jon Snow Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch?

OK so not all Game of Throne fans are going to enjoy playing board games but I am sure many enjoy a drink from time to time and will appreciate a new vessel to be drinking their favorite tipple from.

Game of Thrones Drinkware

Game of Thrones Beer Stein

For the beer loving GOT fan I’m sure that they would enjoy drinking their ale from a dedicated stein. These officially licensed steins come in House Stark, Baratheon or Targaryen sigils depending on the users allegiance.

To drink from or to use as a show-piece these quality made beer steins would be an appreciated gift.

Game of Thrones Stemless Wine Glass

For the non beer drinkers how about a wine glass inscribed with I Drink and I Know Things which is based on the famous quote from Tyrion Lannister “That’s what I do: I drink and I know things.”

This is a good quality wine glass and the quote and decal showing the House of Lannister Lion should last a long time.

Game of Thrones House Sigil Shot Glass Set

All this discussing drinking is thirsty work so the last drinking related gift we are going to look at is this set of shot glasses. Each of the four shot glasses comes with a different house sigil these look great to showoff but would be even more fun to use for a drinking game. Do a search on Google and you will find loads of Games of Thrones drinking games to choose from.

Do you know a GOT fan who is also a foodie? Well we have you covered here with a couple of great gift ideas.

Game of Thrones For The Kitchen

The Unofficial Game of Thrones Cookbook

Yes who would believe it a Game of Thrones cookbook!

Perfect for a themed party or just for trying out some of these fun recipes – How about Tywin Lannister’s Garlic Sausage, Sansa Stark’s Fairytale Trout or Littlefinger’s Lamprey Pie.

Drinks and desserts are also catered for such as Ayra’s Lemon Cakes, Stark Spiced Wine or Direwolf Ale.

There are over 150 unique and interesting recipes to choose from.

Famgem Grill Aprons Dinner is Coming

This 100% cotton fully adjustable apron would be a great compliment to the cookbook or make a great stand-alone gift for the food loving GOT fan.

Game of Thrones Soft Fleece Throw Blankets

Do you plan on watching reruns this winter then why not get snuggled up under one of these Game of Thrones soft fleece throw blankets. Know someone who would give their right arm for having the chance of Daenerys or Jon Snow wrapped around them? Get them one of these…

Game of Thrones Cushion Covers

I love these cushion covers, I don’t think you’d really want actors faces all over your sofa but some nicely designed cushions with the house sigils and motto’s on them look really stylish. What’s nice about these is that there are 8 different cushions to choose from so you can get a design from one of the less popular Houses. I especially like the House Greyjoy ‘We do not sow’ motto with the Golden Kraken sigil.

Iron Throne Toilet

If you are looking for an amusing GOT gift then how about this Iron Throne decal. Anyone who would want this in their bathroom needs to be a die hard fan. Basically it a replica decal that can be stuck to the wall behind your toilet to turn it into their own personal Iron Throne. Reviewers mentioned that it is best installed as a two person job.

from soft relaxing cushions and blankets and bathroom thrones we are going to look at some more weightier products…

Game of Thrones Leather Bound 5 book set

I’ve got to make a confession even though I am a huge fan of the TV show I have never read the books. But I’m guessing I am not the only one right? I’m sure if someone bought this set of books for me I would have no excuse not to read them and this is a really nice set to show off on a book-shelf.

I think this is real value for money as well 5280 leatherbound pages for this price is a bargain. Even fans who have read the books or even own the paperbacks already would appreciate owning this special set.

Are you still interested in a gift that will exercise the mind but maybe not the books? How about this….

4D Cityscape Game of Thrones Westeros Puzzle

If you really want a gift that is challenging then this 1,300 piece 4D puzzle should fit the bill.

This a really impressive set and great for those who really want to immerse themselves in the history and geography of Westeros. The puzzle comes in 3 layers the first is the largest layer with 1,000 pieces being use to show an overview of Westeros. The 2nd layer is 200 pieces deals with the landscape of Westeros. The final and best part in my opinion is the 3D aspect of the puzzle that adds famous castles and cities. The set also comes with a booklet and flags, sigils and battle markers.

The Official A Game of Thrones Coloring Book

For those that want to release the stresses after a hard days work they might appreciate these adult coloring books. They have become very popular recently and a great way to relax and unwind. The illustration in this book are very intricate and beautiful even in black & white. This is certainly not a coloring book for young kids.

As well as illustrations of many of the main scenes and figures from the book and TV show are banners and sigils to color for each of the houses. On one side is the picture and on the back is a quote from the books.

The only real downside to this coloring book is that the pages aren’t perforated.

Don’t forget if you are buying this for a gift grab some coloring pens or pencils as well.

Funko Legacy Action: GOT Action Figures

Everyone has a favorite Game of Thrones character. Mine is the flawed but ultimately good Tyrion Lannister. I love his spirit and humor! Having a mini version [even though he is rather small anyway] to look at on my desk always cheers me up.

Funko have all your favorite characters to buy each one can be posed as they have 20 points of articulation. Some fans will want to collect the whole set.

Many of the action figures come with weapons as well, for instance Tyrion comes with an axe, Samwell Tarly has a crossbow. There’s also a glow in the dark whitewalker who is pretty cool.

Sometimes these type of action figures suffer from poor design but these are very well made with good likeness’s of the characters.

Kurt Adler 10-Light Game of Thrones Shield Light Set

For the really obsessed Game of Thrones fan they might like a GOT themed Christmas and this is where this set of light come into play. The 10 lights feature five different houses – House Stark, House Baratheon, House Lannister, House Tyrell and House Targaryen. They can be used either indoors or outdoors and would be great to light up a Christmas Tree.


Obviously this isn’t a definitive list of Game of Thrones products it is just a subjective list of some that I thought would make quality gifts. You might also want to look at other books, 2018 calenders, DVD’s and items of clothing such as T-shirts with GOT slogans on them. Stocking fillers include reproduction coins, keyrings and even Hodor Door stops!

Amazon would be a good place to start if you haven’t found what you are looking for here. Typing ‘Game of Thrones‘ into their search bar shows that there are over 105,000 products listed for this term! Happy hunting and I hope this article has been of some use in helping you find the best gift for a Game of Thrones Lover.

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Gift ideas for Game of Thrones fans