Gifts For Star Wars Lover

Finding the perfect gifts for Star Wars lovers can be difficult if you yourself do not share the same passion. In this article we are going to look at some of the more unique Star Wars products available as well as some of the most wished for by Star Wars fans, young and old. We are also going to check out some of the Star Wars related Christmas decorations available for those who fancy a Star Wars themed Festive Season.

Its been over 40 years since the first Star Wars movie hit the big screen and with each new movie launched the Star Wars Universe gains more and more fans. There a a ton of Star Wars merchandised products available, in fact the Star Wars Merchandise franchise is worth around 10 Billion Dollars.

gifts for star wars fansFun Gadget Gift Ideas For Star Wars Fans

We have taken a look at a lot of the fun gadgets that you can buy online and found the ones that get good reviews and actually can be used rather than just novelty items that will gather dust in the back of closets or cupboards.

Star Wars Rogue One Death Star Popcorn Maker

Nothing beats watching a movie while munching on a fresh bowl of popcorn, so for movie lovers this not only will look great in the kitchen it will produce delicious air popped popcorn. This Star Wars Death Star Popcorn Maker is easy to use and easy to clean. It makes a good show piece and the top comes off to be used as a handy bowl to eat the popcorn out of.

Carrying on with the food themed products….

Pangea Brands Star Wars Death Star Waffle Maker

How about Death Star Waffles for breakfast? This simple to use waffle maker will be the pride of any start wars aficionados kitchen. This is a versatile kitchen gadget that makes big [pancake size] waffles as well as quesadillas, brownies, cakes and all sorts of other tasty items. This should be one of those items that gets plenty of use, luckily the non-stick waffle plate should make it easy to clean as well.

Darth Vader Toaster

Isn’t this the coolest looking toaster that you have even seen?

Any Star Wars fan would be happy to throw out their old toaster and replace it with a Darth Vader one. Not only does it look great once your bread is done it will have the star wars logo toasted on to it. This would look great alongside the Death Star waffle maker which is also from Pangea Brands.

Light Up Lightsaber Chopsticks

These chopsticks from ChopSabers would make a great stocking filler gift for someone who likes Star Wars and Asian food. They come in a variety of colors and light up just like a real lightsaber, batteries are included and are easily replaceable. These will make eating sushi even more fun.

Star Wars Lightsaber BBQ Tongs with Sounds

These Officially licensed BBQ Tongs with sound effect noises will liven up any barbecue especially if there are other Star Wars fans present – they will all want a go with these tongs. The plastic handle is heat resistant and the tong made of metal. This would be a great gift paired up with a Star Wars apron.

Still interested in a Lightsaber but not the tongs how about….

Star Wars Lightsaber Flashlight

This flashlight is a great novelty item, I wouldn’t recommend it as an emergency flashlight. This lightsaber was popular with the kids and also reviewers commented how it was a great addition to a Halloween costume.

The design is based on the Anankin Skywalkers flashlight and comes batteries included.

The LED blue light and sound effects give it a good resemblance to the one in the movie.

NEW Star Wars R2-D2 4 Liter Thermoelectric Cooler

For R2-D2 fans this would make a great little gift. Just to make sure you realise while this is sold as a fridge it is more like a cooler. It holds 6 cans of soda and would be ideal for a recreation or TV room where you can have a few ready and cooled while you are watching your favorite Star Wars movie. It can be plugged in to a standard wall socket or into a 12V car socket, this can be useful for those on the go or for camping or RVing. Another nice feature is that it has a warming function so if you have leftovers you want to warm up this is ideal.

These would make good stocking fillers

MIMOBOT USB Star Wars Flash Drives


I have dozens of flash drives and I can never tell them about so spend ages trying to find which files are on which drive. These fun Star Wars USB sticks from MIMOBOT would make this task much easier as they are so unique. My favorites are the stormtrooper that is revealed to be Luke Skywalker in disguise when you pull the lid off and the Darth Vader and Bobba Fett ones. Star Wars fans will want to collect the set.

Star Wars Gifts For Kids

The Big Lego Sets

LEGO has a huge range of Star Wars building kits to choose from at a varied price range, so if the two we are going to discuss next are not in your budget range or not quite what you are looking for then search some of the online toy stores or Amazon to find other less costlier sets.

LEGO also has a Star Wars Advent calendar every year that every day on the lead up to Christmas you can open up one of the doors to reveal a Star Wars themed LEGO piece. These sets are always very popular and also become collectors items. LEGO also do a City and a Friends Advent Calender for those who aren’t into Star Wars.

LEGO Star Wars BB-8 75187 Building Kit

LEGO and Star Wars enthusiasts young and old will enjoy building this BB8 Droid. Even though it has some moving parts to make it fun to play such as the rotating head and a hatch that opens up with reveal a welding torch, it is older fans and collectors who will really appreciate this set. It is not the cheapest of set but offers plenty of value as it has 1106 pieces in total to put together. It also comes with a display stand and an extra small BB-8 figure.

LEGO Star Wars Death Star 75159 Star Wars Toy

This is the crème de la crème of Star Wars LEGO builds and is reflected in the price. But if you are looking for the biggest baddest Star Wars gift you can find then this is it!

If you are up for the challenge of putting together this massive 4016 piece set then keep aside a good 20 hours or so to construct it. Once constructed then its time to play! There are 23 mini-figures including the big name character such as Luke, Han Solo, Princess Leia and Darth Vader. You can also create iconic moments from the film as they have Mini figure variations such as Han and Luke disguised as stormtroopers and the various places from the film such as the Droid Maintenance room and the trash compactor room are included.

All in all this is an excellent set though it comes at a high price, there is plenty of playability, fun construction and in a few years time there is a chance that it might be an investment.

How about this popular book…

Star Wars Millennium Falcon: Owner’s Workshop Manual

For the mechanic in the family or for those who like to know how things work how about this excellent guide to the workings of the Millennium falcon. This Haynes guide includeds photos, floor plans, computer generated images. All the technical knowledge available on the Corellian Engineering Corporation’sYT-1300 model line.

Star Wars Themed Christmas Decorations

While some folks prefer traditional Christmas decorations some like to have a themed Christmas. If you have a household of Star Wars fans and these decorations will prove very popular.

Kurt S. Adler 8-Inch Fabric Mache Star Wars Boba Fett Tablepiece Christmas Décor

While Boba Fett isn’t one of the most well know of Star Wars characters among fans he is a big favorite and for the real fan this stunning tablepiece will be a Prized display every Christmas.

To get in with the Xmas spirit Bobba Fett is carrying a striped, red and white candy cane instead of a gun and on his back his trusty weapons are held in a red christmas stocking.

Yoda Christmas Lights

If you are going to go for a Star Wars Christmas theme then you are certainly going to need some lights. Our favorite are these ones with Yoda dressed in a Santa Claus outfit. If Yoda isn’t your thing or you want some additional lights there a many others to choose from such as R2 D2, C3PO, Chewbacca, BB8 and Stormtrooper light sets.

There are plenty more Star Wars decorations to be purchased online if you are going to really go big with the Star Wars theme, Kurt Adler and Hallmark seem to be the brands with the most choice.

Cool Gifts For Star Wars Fans Conclusion

This is by no means an exhaustive list of ideas for Star Wars gifts, every time we found a great gift it led us to another. We now realise why the Star Wars franchise is worth around 10 Billion dollars!

The great thing with having so much choice is that you can purchase gifts in all different price ranges and also there are enough gift ideas available that even the biggest Star Wars collector won’t own everything.